Raleigh, NC area Birth Doula Services:

I am committed to providing caring and continuous support to each laboring mother and her family.  Through education, physical and emotional labor support, my goal is to help empower you to have the birth you desire.

Services include:

  • Free consultation to discuss your hopes for this birth and get to know each other better.
  • One additional prenatal visit to discuss comfort measures, formulate your birth plan, and address any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Unlimited phone and e-mail consultations.
  • On call availability for your birth from 38 to 42 weeks gestation, though I will be available earlier if complications arise.
  • Continuous physical and emotional support at home and/or in the hospital during labor and birth.
  • Assistance in the immediate postpartum period with breastfeeding.
  • Postpartum visit to discuss your birth and answer newborn and breastfeeding questions.
Fee: $800 ($350 after hire, and remaining $450 before 37 weeks) 

Raleigh, NC area Childbirth education services:

As a certified ICEA childbirth educator, I provide my families with current evidence-based information, as well as knowledge from my personal experiences as a doula and Mother/Baby RN. As an independent educator, I teach the fundamentals of natural childbirth without the agenda of hospital policy in a fun and interactive experience. My goal is to have you understand all of your options for birth, along with their benefits and risks, and help you discover the pathway that is right for you.

Included in this offer is a copy of the "Understanding Birth" workbook- a comprehensive resource for pregnancy, labor, birth & postpartum. This also comes with a 6 month free access code to free printables, videos and information from the site,

* These classes can be customized based on your individual needs.

Topics include:

  • Healthy pregnancy education
  • The physiology of normal birth
  • How to know if you're in "real" labor
  • Signs & symptoms of preterm labor
  • When to call your doctor
  • What to pack for the hospital
  • Pain management & epidurals
  • Breathing and relaxation exercises
  • Different ways to use the birthing ball & various labor positions
  • Tools for natural childbirth
  • Making birth plans
  • Common interventions, complications and cesarean section
  • Newborn procedures and care
  • Postpartum care
  • Breastfeeding education
Fee: $250 for two, 3 hour sessions in your home ($150 for doula clients); $200 for one 3 hour refresher course.

Raleigh, NC area Birth Photography

  • I provide birth photography for my doula clients for an additional fee.
  • My first priority during your labor and birth is your comfort, but I will capture as many exciting memories leading up to your baby's arrival as I can for you.
  • Some moments I will try to capture may include:
    • Labor process
    • Actual delivery
    • First moments seeing your new baby
    • Dad cutting the cord
    • Baby getting weighed
    • Nurse getting footprints for medical record
    • First feeding with Mom
    • Pictures with your doctor/RN
    • Family picture
  • Photographs can be taken as discretely or candidly as you would like.
  • Within a few days of delivery, I will send you your full size digital images, so you may print or post them as you choose. With your permission, I will also post a selection of photographs to my website and Facebook page so your family and friends can view them.
  • You can see some of my birth photos here: Birth Photography, or on my Facebook page: Karin Beach Birth Services Facebook Photo Album. There is also a slideshow presentation for your viewing at: Karin Beach Birth Services Slideshow
Fee: $250 for doula clients, which includes photographs during the labor, birth & immediate postpartum time, as well as access to all full-size images to use at your discretion.

Northern NJ Birth doula

Northern NJ Birth doula